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The Digitized Logistics of S.E.G.A. Hungary Kft. Has Halved Production-Delivery Lead Time

Starters E-Components Generators Automotive Hungary Kft.’s innovative intralogistics solution based on real-time positioning and voice-based picking has halved production-delivery lead time while making goods movement accounting almost 100 percent accurate.

SEG Automotive, a manufacturer of starter motors and generators, was founded in 2018 following the divestment of Bosch’s SG division. At the site of the company, which employs 7,000 people from 14 countries, in northern Hungary, the biggest challenge was the bridging of the 2.5 km distance between the factory and the raw material and finished goods warehouse. 5 trucks were operating between the two sites for an uninterrupted supply of material to the production lines, but this process was extremely time-consuming and costly, and the administrative work involved a lot of resources while carrying many risks of failure.

As a result, S.E.G.A. Hungary was looking for an innovative solution based on advanced technology, which supported automated material flow processes from the background by rethinking or replacing traditional data entry tasks, methods, and tools.

Technologies such as the RTLS indoor real-time locating system and the Pick by Voice voice-based warehouse picking system, which were still rare in Hungary in 2018, could be considered for implementation. Building on them, S.E.G.A. Hungary has raised its intralogistics system to an outstanding level, with which it now successfully responds to the challenge of efficient and reliable material movement.

Cele i wyzwania:

  • usprawnienie i automatyzacja procesów logistycznych w KONSHURT – ze szczególnym naciskiem na obsługę magazynową,
  • poprawa organizacji przestrzeni magazynowej,
  • integracja z systemem ERP,
  • poprawa wydajności i efektywności oraz redukcja błędów w procesie kompletacji poprzez zastosowanie technologii pick-by-voice,
  • zwiększenie komfortu pracy.

Ogromnym wyzwaniem jest różnorodność asortymentu. O tym, jak bogata jest oferta KONSHURT świadczy chociażby to, że dziennie sprzedawanych jest znaczna ilość sztuk różnego typu produktów, co oznacza konieczność obsługi wielu zamówień takiego rodzaju.

Kolejnym wyzwaniem jest proces wydania, a zwłaszcza etap budowania palety, ponieważ towary twarde i ciężkie muszą znaleźć się w dolnej warstwie palety, a towary lekkie, kruche i o nieregularnych kształtach na górze.

Aby podołać tym wyzwaniom, wdrożono rozwiązania zaproponowane przez zespół ekspertów IBCS Poland –  autorski system WMS ibcsTiger oraz system głosowy ibcsVoice.

A Quick Return on Investment

The innovative solution built from S.E.G.A. Hungary’s systems and the systems supplied by IBCS Hungary resulted in a much more efficient and accurate logistics process. By reducing the number of traditional logistics steps with digitalization, for example, the manufacturing company achieved 15% saving in the LOG HC that it could reallocate to other tasks. And the turnaround time for the delivery was reduced from the previous 6 hours to 3 hours, while the accounting automatically became more accurate. The implementation of the intralogistics solution, which was performed in just 4 months, thus also paid off quickly, in 2 years, and according to Imola Osváth, a project coordinator at S.E.G.A. Hungary Kft., it showed how the efficiency of enterprise logistics can be improved in the future.

‘My team and I are most proud that we have taken the first steps towards digitalization using these new technologies,’ said István Kovács, a logistics manager at S.E.G.A. Hungary Kft

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