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Honeywell Guided Workflow Solutions (GWS)


Seamlessly integrated to enable hands-free, voice-guided workflows such as picking, receiving, replenishment, and put-away.

Honeywell’s Guided Workflow Solutions brings the benefits of voice-guided workflows to smaller DC operations. Guided Work Solutions integrate with leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software — such as SAP Business One and Microsoft Dynamics 365 — and leverages your existing warehouse technology investments.


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  • Increased productivity – up to 35% improvement from legacy systems, allowing workers’ hands to always be free to pick products and complete tasks
  • Improved accuracy with eyes always focused on the job, quickly find products in the correct location and reduce errors up to 50%.
  • Works across functions – automated picking, receiving, put-away, cycle counting, and more results in easy worker training across functions.
  • Integrated bundle solution simple bundle offering includes hardware, headset, application, and licensing for easy purchase, deployment, and support.
  • Enhanced worker satisfaction and safety – heightened worker productivity with voice guidance makes workers’ jobs more intuitive and focused, resulting in less accidents.

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