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VoiceLink is fully configurable and flexible middleware solution that enables fast integration of voice systems with any warehouse system.

VoiceLink solution by Honeywell, the producer of Vocollect systems is software that supports data exchange between WMS and voice system.

Apart from data exchange, VoiceLink enables additional operational activities for assignments, such:

  • attribution to operator,
  • priority change,
  • division of assignment into a few operators, etc.,

Additionally, the management has full insight into warehouse functioning (assignment status, required resources, current efficiency of operators, etc.).


VoiceLink_zasada działania

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VoiceLink principle of operation


VoiceLink_zasada działania

Features of VoiceLink system

VoiceLink is an integrated and fully configurable system. Thanks to use of ‘region’ conception (configuration sets), warehouse dispatchers can easily adapt the process to the zone operator works in.

Besides picking, VoiceLink has other implemented functions, in which the use of voice system is possible. Processes supported by VoiceLink are:

  • picking – item picking, package picking, (batch-picking), , collecting additional information about products (weight, serial number),
  • put-to-store (crossdocking) –process reverse to picking, i.e. unloading pallets to specific locations (stores),
  • replenishment – replenishment of picking locations from storage location,
  • put-away –transfer of goods from reception zone to storage zone
  • stocktaking – counting goods in locations,
  • loading – registration of stacked pallets,
  • loading from line – building a pallet from shipment packages and grouping products according to shipment destination.

Basic tasks of VoiceLink system

  • monitoring – supervision of warehouse and assignment status. With help of elaborate views, reports and dashboards, it is possible to follow what is happening in the warehouse and make decisions needed to perform the work you planned. A detailed insight into efficiency and quality of operators’ work in warehouse is also essential,
  • management –  current service, assignment and operator planning. The dispatcher can assign workers to specific zones, assign orders to workers, set priorities to assignments, hold on assignments, split or consolidate assignments, etc.,
  • configuration – easy and safe adaptation of the system to needs of the user. All views, reports and sheets (dashboard) as well as process configuration can be adapted to user’s need without the need to involve IT specialist.

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    Advantages of VoiceLink

    • proven solution,
    • best practises in implementation of warehouse processes in voice system available on the spot,
    • report and process management regardless of what WMS is in use,
    • fast implementation and start-up:start-up with any WMS system (simple integration)
    • possible chance of WMS solution with no need for modification of voice system.

    VoiceLink system requirements

    • Windows or Linux platform,
    • support of MS SQL or Oracle database,
    • data exchange with files (e.g. FTP) or sheets in database.

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