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What are the benefits of using pick by voice technology?

  1. Increased efficiency

Voice system significantly simplifies the process by eliminating the so-called micro-downtime and slowdowns related to looking at the screen and using the keyboard

and scanning. Additionally, we gain two free hands and eliminate situations involving putting aside and retrieving the terminal while loading larger packages. All this increases the efficiency of the process, which translates into an increase in productivity of up to 35%.

This allows you to increase the number of releases and therefore increase sales without increasing the team. Increasing productivity is one of the key benefits of voice systems


  1. Reducing the number of mistakes

In a voice system, the employee is not distracted by the constant need to read and enter data on the terminal display. Thus, we eliminate the need to constantly switch attention from the goods to the terminal. Thanks to this, the employee constantly focuses only on the goods being picked and the location from which the goods are picked. This helps reduce the number of errors by up to 50%. The error rate in voice systems can often be reduced to less than 1 in 1,000 items.

This allows you to achieve higher delivery quality indicators and thus reduce costs related to complaints.

Reducing the number of errors may also lead to the decision to eliminate the need for quality control before shipment or to significantly reduce it. This results in additional cost reductions and the ability to shorten the time needed from collecting the goods to shipping them.


  1. Shorter training and implementation period

The system is extremely easy to use and allows you to work in the employee’s native language (it supports over 40 different languages).

Thanks to this, we shorten the time needed for training (at least 2 times) and the period after which the employee reaches the target performance (4-5 times) – i.e. he starts working at full efficiency, often 1-2 weeks after employment.

This means that the employee is employed when and for the period when he is actually needed, and the contribution related to training and implementation is lower. This translates into increased productivity throughout the company and reduced costs.


  1. Increased ergonomics and work comfort

By eliminating the need to hold a mobile device in your hand and operate it (looking at the screen, using the keyboard, scanning codes), work ergonomics improves significantly. Employees can focus entirely on the task at hand – they are not distracted by the need to read and enter data on the display, they have two free hands, which ensures easier and safer retrieval of goods. The risk of dropping goods or the terminal is reduced. The fact that their hands are not occupied with operating the terminal or the need to put it away also affects the speed of task completion and reduces the risk of equipment damage. All this translates into greater employee satisfaction with the work tool.


  1. Reducing worker rotation

The result of better work ergonomics and the ability to communicate with the system in your native language is greater employee satisfaction, which translates into a reduction in worker rotation by up to 30%.


  1. Increasing employee safety

In the voice system, we eliminate events that often occur when working with classic terminals, such as warehouse workers glancing at the terminal screen while moving between locations. We thus reduce the risk of accidents and increase employee safety.

    Voice Systems Product Manager

    Andrzej Wąwoźny

    Voice Systems Product Manager