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Operational Acuity


Honeywell Operational Acuity Solutions delivering actionable insights that drive optimized performance.

Analytics has matured into a core enterprise practice that is now essential for sustaining a competitive  advantage. Enterprise data has become a priceless strategic asset. Of course, not all data is created equal. Identifying the data that will provide actionable insights is imperative to unlocking greater business  potential.

Honeywell Operational Acuity Solutions are designed to identify rich veins of data, to mine them and to provide actionable insights enabling automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) and warehousing/distribution center (DC) organizations to unlock greater business value. Operational Acuity drives optimized performance using data aggregation and predictive modeling techniques and empowers management with intuitive actionable analytic capabilities.


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Operational Acuity offers two solution options:

  • Vehicle Performance Solution – provides insights to help optimize utilization of material handling trucks to reduce operating costs and improve worker safety and compliance, and helps reduce inventory damage with greater driver awareness and transparency.
  • Workflow Performance Solution – provides actionable workflow performance insights to help you obtain continuous process improvement benefits and new levels of cost reductions.

Honeywell technological advancements provide the foundation of our Operational Acuity Solution and enable organizations of any size to leverage these actionable insights to drive optimized operational performance. Unlike other approaches that effectively exclude organizations with limited IT resources, our secure, cloud-based solutions ensure straightforward, scalable results for organizations of all sizes.

In short, from refining the agility of your workflows to supporting near-term and future goals, Honeywell Operational Acuity will change your perspective on how you can run a better business.

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