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Voice systems and their use


Voice systems are solutions that are increasingly used in enterprises. It is an excellent tool for optimizing processes, especially picking in the warehouse.

What are voice systems?

Voice systems, the so-called pick by voice is a solution that uses speech recognition technologies and transforms orders from an IT system, most often from a WMS system, into specific voice commands. In this case, data exchange between the system and the operator takes place only via voice commands. There is no need to enter data on a keyboard or using a reader. It also eliminates the need to read commands from the terminal display. Thanks to this, the employee has two free hands. The system is very simple to use, which means short training and implementation time for a new employee.


Voice systems – the impact of technology on process efficiency

Replacing the previously used tools and work scenario (reading data from the terminal screen and scanning codes, reading from a piece of paper) with communication with the system via voice, simplifies the process and increases ergonomics, and consequently significantly speeds up work. Combined with appropriately refined, modern technologies that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the solution, such as the speech-to-text system – “Honeywell Speech Recognition”, voice recognition technology “SoundSense” or automatic configuration systems – “Touch Connect”, voice systems can ensure an increase in productivity up to 35%



Voice systems are perfect primarily in distribution companies, logistics operators, but also in manufacturing companies – wherever the picking process is time-consuming and a larger number of people are involved. They are used in warehouses where the number of lines in the picking process is 1,000 or more per hour. They can also be successfully used in cold stores and freezers, where working with a piece of paper or a terminal is difficult due to the conditions prevailing there.

Apart from standard manual picking, voice systems can also be used in other processes and areas:

– semi-automatic order picking (goods to person),
– packing at stations, replenishment, loading,
– production supply,
– reviews related to inspection and maintenance.


    Product Manager Systemów Głosowych

    Andrzej Wąwoźny

    Product Manager Systemów Głosowych